Symbiosis Gathering | Pyramid Eclipse

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Imagine your body, mind and soul flowing in a movement meditation of basic, West African-inspired dance moves... to Dubstep. Welcome to Womp Stomp, where urban beats meet their tribal roots. In this space, we seek to find the spirit of West African dance through repetitive movements, less focused on exact choreography but more on opening our hearts and lifting our spirit, weaving in and out of ecstatic freeform dance, and always coming together again, dropping into the bass-filled flows united. Bearing witness to ourselves and each other, you become more aware, revitalized, and awakened as Womp Stomp propels your ego to surrender and blasts your chakras into alignment. Come experience for yourself and feel the community womp vibe with your womp tribe at Womp Stomp, where we WOMP to dubstep, glitch-hop, breakbeat, and downtempo together.

Kristi Parson has been discovering and manipulating her connection with dance for over a decade as a participant, performer and teacher. Kristi first fell in love with West African dance in 2004 while studying at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Since then, she studied Malian dance with one of Mali's leading dancers, Seydou Coulibaly, both in Boston and at the Yeredon School in Mali. She worked with a Ghanaian dance troupe in Fall 2010 at the Sankofa Center in Ghana, and used Ghanaian dance and dance-dramas to visually depict public health issues to villagers. Kristi also has experience facilitating contact improv workshops, and performs regularly as a fire dancer, independently and with the Oregon Fire Conclave. Her dance is fueled by a regular qigong and meditation practice and she encourages people to dance intentionally and expressively from a place deep inside themselves. With a conscious dance background aided by love for human connection and dubstep beats, Kristi founded Womp Stomp and has been leading weekly dance journeys in Portland, OR since Fall 2011.
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Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM - Start of eclipse
6:30PM - Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM - End of eclipse


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