Symbiosis Gathering | Pyramid Eclipse

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Indigenous peoples’ stewardship of the land carries important lessons for us in the modern world…We desperately need to foster a new vision of human-nature relationships and the place of humans in the natural world”

–M. Kat Anderson  

As we approach another year of cultural and climactic shifts, it seems proper to consider another paradigm shift: a return to the old ways. Culturally, the preservation of our tied ancestral history is what helps us thrive. These are gifts of wisdom, experience and skills. A tie to the land comes through not just observation, but interaction.

We can clearly see the negative impacts from misunderstanding and underestimating centuries-old traditions and techniques. More and more, people are searching out this relationship once again. The term ‘Ancestral skills’ encompasses a whole lifetime of education that never ceases and that you take with you everywhere: ethnobotany, biology, geology, zoology, astronomy, construction, watershed management, forest ecology, the list goes on. What compounds this are the layers of ritual, myth, storytelling, oral tradition, music and dance.

Interweaving Ancestral Skills with Symbiosis is a way of reuniting all these layers, of shifting our cultural schisms to a more integrated approach, while reaching out and sharing. We thank-you for the opportunity and invite you to join us by the sacred fire.

This year at Symbiosis we would like to bridge the gap between the realms of music, dance and art, restorative ecology and permaculture, with the knowledge and skills of our early ancestors.


Bow and arrow making
and shooting zone

Hunting tools
(spears, atlatls, rabbitsticks, etc)


Cordage and fiber arts

Edged Tools use, care


Tracking by day/by night

Night-time star journey

Trade blanket

Story time

Nature Awareness, observation

Indigenous Cooking

Water Harvesting

Woodcraft, carving, etc.


Herbal medicines


Earthen building, construction

Intro to methods and uses
of animal processing

Indigenous games

These workshops will be free to you unless instructors need money for materials. Most classes will have a sign up sheet. Please pop by the camp and look at the sign-up board as early as you can. Join us Thursday for an orientation to the camp and what is being offered. These classes will fill up and instructors are limited in most cases to the number of students they can take on.  Please join us in furthering the preservation of our cultural past and awaken our ancient selves.
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Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM - Start of eclipse
6:30PM - Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM - End of eclipse


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