Symbiosis Gathering | Pyramid Eclipse

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Mr.C’s versatility as a DJ is second to none, applying his own unique and highly sophisticated technique to all aspects of dance ranging from future house and funky techno to psychedelic breakbeat and abstract acid electronica. He emerged as a pioneering force in the house music scene in 1987 and has continued to be instrumental in the proliferation of dance music on a global scale. His commitment to experimentation and credibility in setting the standards for sophistication in all sub-genres of dance music has earned him world-wide praise. He endeavours to take the sounds of the underground to new and more accessible heights. Mr.C has always been streets ahead when it comes to spinning cutting edge dance music and as he settle into a more club-friendly version of his trippy electronic sound, it seems the rest of us are finally catching up.
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Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM - Start of eclipse
6:30PM - Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM - End of eclipse


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