Symbiosis Gathering | Pyramid Eclipse

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Malarkey is an old Irish slang word used in the 1920's as an expression equivalent to jive, gibberish, or nonsense. All guff aside; Patrick Malone (aka DJ Malarkey) is one of the hardest working DJ's to recently emerge out of Sonoma County (North Bay) area. Upon his return to Sebastopol in 2004, having graduated from recording arts school in Los Angles, he quickly jumped back into the club circuit as a full time DJ, engineer & event producer.

It didn't take long for his funky broken-beat sound to kick up dust among event crowds, catering to both lounge and dance floors alike. His Juke Joint parties have helped pioneer the alternative dj sounds of "nu-funk", making a huge impact on the dance music scene in the small town of Sebastopol and on the west coast for the past 2 years.

Past Juke Joint guests include DJ LOGIC, ROMANOWSKI, FORT KNOX FIVE, PIMPS OF JOYTIME, URSULA 1000, J BOOGIE, DJ ZEPH, and many more.

Malarkey has the keen ability to ascend fluidly from an early hour lounge funk, to peak time break beat shakers making him incredibly dynamic on the stage. Knowing when and where to go with the music, his sets are always evolving as a multi-genre melting pot of heavy broken funk, sexy latin shakers, boogie hip hop & banging breaks at all tempos.

Past events include LES CLAYPOOL'S MAD HATTERS BALL (2007), HARMONY FESTIVAL (2007-2008), TECHNO TRIBAL DANCE (2007-2008), EARTHDANCE FESTIVAL (2007-2008), BURNING MAN (2001-2008).

Past clubs include 1015 FOLSOM (SF), MIGHTY (SF), TEMPLE (SF), 111 MINNA (SF), LEVENDE (SF), PINK (SF), ELBO ROOM (SF).
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Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM - Start of eclipse
6:30PM - Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM - End of eclipse


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