Symbiosis Gathering | Pyramid Eclipse

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Hopscotch is the new project of San Francisco based singer and electronic music producer Angela LaBaw. In a world where true musicianship and style knows no borders Hopscotch trail blazes her progressive style with tastefully integrated musical genres and trendsetter fashion. It’s no wonder, her mother was belting opera on stage while she was in the womb and she was raised by her father in Seattle during the Grunge era. Since a child, LaBaw has been singing, acting, learning instruments, performing in choirs, plays and musicals.

At times, music has been a true place of refuge for LaBaw who now brings a heartfelt message of empowerment and love directly derived from her experience and personal triumph. Keeping herself close to what she loves most, her formal schooling included a B.A. with honors from the Art Institute of Seattle in Sound Engineering and Music Production with additional studies in voice, violin, jazz history, music theory and theater.

Her background in theatre and performance lead her into the front of house sound engineer role for The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival for seven years in a row, she has mixed artists such as Jeff Hamilton, Benny Green, Christian McBride, Grammy award winners Roy Hargrove, John Clayton, and top notch touring act the Yard Dogs Road Show. Then becoming known as “Anahata Sound” LaBaw developed her practice through being an active member of The Funginears and electronic music project Hot Pink Purple with Russ Liquid (RLS). Since then she has toured extensively in North America and played in Canada, Europe and numerous festivals internationally.

The tender joy and sexy reality of humanity is Hopscotch’s motivation behind bringing her music to life and into the world. When not on the road or in the studio, LaBaw mentors and teaches music and meditation with Mind Body Awareness, to incarcerated youth in the Juvy Halls of Oakland, CA. Recent EP “Ready Chief” released under Anahata Sound on Gypsypop Records features artists as diverse asKillah Priest, Benny Green on Heaven’s Choir. Set to release in the spring of of 2012, her upcoming self-titled album “Hopscotch” features electronic artist Sleepyhead and remix by Danny Corn & Christopher Norman.

Grab your chalk, sticks and rocks it’s Hopscotch… the perfect blend of electro-pop glitch, live PA vocals, looping & organic field recordings accompanying sparkle pony antics on stage. Something to be appreciated live, this uniquely inspiring performance and musical experience by Hopscotch is coming to a city near you!
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Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM - Start of eclipse
6:30PM - Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM - End of eclipse


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