Symbiosis Gathering | Pyramid Eclipse

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The DOLOMITES are an amalgamation of international-outernational sounds from all over the universe. At this current moment in History we call the sound JAPANESE ALiEN GYPSY MUZIK… but in 30 years it could be SPACESHIP Galactic THRASH…The DOLOMITES Library of sounds covers many genres including Balkan, Cumbia, Gypsy, Dub, Tribal, Roots musik, Future musik, 8 Bit sounds , animal sounds , natural and supernatural sounds etc. with multiple dimensions and depth charge.

The leader and founder, Stevhen Koji Iancu, was a touring member of Gogol Bordello , as well as a guest member in Balkan Beat Box, Reverend Glasseye, Gypsyliana, Mad Juana, and Yerba Buena. The Dolomites entity has been an ongoing and roving project since it’s original inception in 1998 in a Art Punk House in Portland Oregon. The Dolomites have shifted bases from New York City to Tokyo, Japan to Earth 3.3 and back to California. The Dolomites family consists of over 100 different members in several different U.S. States and Countries including Mexico, Romania , Japan and Earth 3.3. creating a unique and always fresh show that is never the exact same from city to city, country to country, and planet to planet.  
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Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM - Start of eclipse
6:30PM - Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM - End of eclipse


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