Symbiosis Gathering | Pyramid Eclipse

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Symbiosis Gathering is dedicated to creating a community culture based in self-reliance, reciprocity, and appreciation for all our relations. We look forward to expressing this ethic in every facet of festival experience, from the materials we use to our operations and actions. Some areas you will see these efforts in practice include.


Symbiosis Gathering is dedicated to the idea that we can commune with nature while also leaving a positive or at the very least neutral rather than negative impact. Be prepared to pack out everything you bring to the festival and to assist others in doing the same. Please click here for a list of tips and approved venues that are prepared to receive recycling and landfill items from attendees after the event.


Symbiosis Gathering is a social experiment based on the concept that there is no such thing as waste and that we are capable of celebrating responsibly. Expect to see only composting and recycling receptacles at this event.


Get ready to deal with life without the convenience of plastic! Expect no water bottles or plastic bags to be accompany items sold at the event.


Only reusable and recyclable products will be sold onsite or used in event infrastructure. All office supplies, posters, and handouts created by Symbiosis are either reusable or made of recycled paper and non-toxic inks. Symbiosis also chooses companies that support carbon-neutral printing and local, environmental, and educational fundraising efforts.


Ecological practice are founded on the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect and Restore. Along these lines, Symbiosis Gathering is proud to announce the return of its Dish Re-Use Program. All dishes, cups, and cutlery served at the event will be reusable and will require a deposit from festival-goers that can be redeemed after the dish or cup is returned to the dishwashing station. Dishwashing sub-stations will also be available to attendees that are bringing their own reusable plates and cups. Learn more about Sud Busters stations at Symbiosis and the Waste Busters who are making them happen.


An official rideshare board has been set up to encourage carpooling to the event, thereby reducing the carbon emissions generated from each attendee driving to the event. In addition to encouraging attendee carpooling, Symbiosis Gathering will also be shipping event infrastructure and equipment in bulk and sourcing many of its resources from local producers, cutting down on emissions associated with longer distances.


The Gathering will be powered by a blend of solar, wind and biofuels ranging from B-20 to B-100. For more information about clean energy used at the event or to calculate your carbon usage please visit


Water resources are extremely limited! Festival attendees should therefore bring their own bulk water supplies to the event. For festival operations, Symbiosis will be building and operating its own water infrastructure. All greywater not used at the event will also be contained and packed out to avoid contaminating natural water supplies at Pyramid Lake. All attendees must be prepared to do the same.


All food sold at this event will be sourced from fresh, local or organic sources. All foods will come with descriptions about their ingredients and sourcing.


All waste oil will be recycled by a local biofuel provider. Perhaps one day a car will drive down the road running off of recycled Symbiosis gathering juice.


Symbiosis Gathering is once again hosting an eclectic compilation of workshops, speakers, and installations focused on spreading spreading important skills, techniques, and resources necessary to planetary healing and awakening at the global, communal, and individual levels. To see a list of offerings presented this year, please click here.


Symbiosis Gathering selects vendors that represent a growing movement toward conscious commerce. Food and drink vendors at the event are selected for their community-based business practices, energy efficient operations, use of local and organic ingredients, and use of re-usable or biodegradable dishes and cutlery. Marketplace vendors are selected for their commitments to Fair Trade, organics, local and artisan production, recycled or re-used materials, and conscious labor practices.


A sustainable community is not only invested in building healthy relationships with surrounding natural resources; it also works to enhance and build authentic relationships between people. This involves being considerate of the safety of others and respecting local customs. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe have played an important role as stewards of Pyramid Lake. As guests on their land, it is important to be mindful of tribal regulations. For more information on these regulations, please go to Symbiosis Rules or check out the Festival’s Dos and Don’ts page.

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Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM - Start of eclipse
6:30PM - Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM - End of eclipse


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