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We'd like to let you know what to expect for your camping experience at Pyramid Lake.

This site fantastic.  In order to reduce the amount of disturbance to the site, we've removed as little brush as possible. Please listen and respect our parking attendees. This site is unique and can only work if people park in the manner in which we have set up.


'Car-camping' is extremely limited and non-existant around RVs. If you wish to sleep in your car, you may do so wherever it is parked.  Cars and RVs will not park next to each other. Large camps are encouraged to set up in walk in camping as the space is wide open and expansive. Wheelbarrows and push carts may be helpful and paths have been identified.


The site is expansive and striking; jagged peaks encircle a 188 square mile lake in the arid high desert. The natural environment provides no shade so be sure to bring plenty of shade for your camp. Temperatures can range from 60-90 in the daytime and 30-60 at night.  Bring plenty of layers but also sunscreen as the lake reflects the sunlight and can be unsuspectingly taxing. Wind may be significant. Make sure to bring gear to secure your tents and shaded areas. Elevation is over 3000 feet. Staying hydrated is very important!


Bring plenty of water!!!  Water will be available onsite for $1 for up to a gallon. Bring your own containers or purchase one of our stainless steel containers and get complimentary water all weekend. 16 food vendors will be serving all sorts of yummy organic goodness for omnivores and herbivores. Restrooms and limited showers will be provided.


The foliage is sagebrush and can be quite prickly. The ground varies from open and sandy fields, to rocky, to fields of large boulders and is home to lizards, rabbits, rodents, bobcats, snakes, coyotes, pelicans, falcons, and all sorts of insects and other living beings. Be mindful and do no harm.

The entrance road splits the grounds into northern and southern regions. The north will be the site of car parking, four music stages, food vendors, Sagebrush City and Eclipse Terrace. The southern side is expansive, has a much sandier soil, very little vegetation and is home to Satya Yuga workshop area, yoga, hula, and dance workshops, Kid-Biosis, ancestral arts area, our central fire, and the village by the lake.  


All cars must purchase a tribal use permit to park on the reservation. They are available online and in stores for $40 and will be available onsite for $60.  


You may sleep in your car wherever it is parked. Tent camping somewhat near your car is possible but limited in Sagebrush City.


All oversize vehicles and trailers require a RV pass. We have sold out of our pre-sale passes. Space is limited. Carpooling is fantastic.


All persons who enter the festival site must first stop to the box office to exchange your link, print-at-home or hard ticket for a wristband.  

THERE ARE NO LISTS.  BRING YOUR TICKET!!!  This includes your festival pass and RV or car pass if applicable.

Only banded persons will be allowed onsite.  You may purchase an early entry pass online ($35) or at the box office ($60).  The box office will be open on Wednesday May 16 at 10am-midnight.  After midnight you may park in the lot overnight.

Thursday - 10am-4am
Friday - 9am - 4am
Saturday - 9am - 4am
Sunday - 9am - 5pm


A 68-page booklet will be available on arrival with all sorts of information ranging from history of the location and people, to workshop descriptions, schedules, and all sorts of interesting tidbits to inform, educate, and entertain.


Once banded you will be directed towards the festival location.  At the gate, be prepared to park and exit your car so our security can check for glass bottles, stowaways, and contraband.  Glass bottles are not allowed and carry a $100 fine from tribal police. Please familiarize yourself with the tribal rules and regulations so that we may abide by the rules, guidelines, and customs of our gracious hosts.

We are very excited to create this magical space. We have a great program in store for you, including a stellar musical lineup, five workshop areas, ceremonial space, village areas to explore, food and marketplace vendors, and significant participation from the Paiute community.

We're so excited to see you and hope you have a very safe trip!




The first area you will arrive in is Sagebrush City.  Sagebrush City is where cars are parked.  To diminish disturbance, parking will fit amongst the sage brush.  Our land management team has moved rocks and brush to create parking spots.  Our parking team will direct you to the appropriate spots.  There will be limited areas between the rows of cars to set up tents.  Large setups are not encouraged.

ATTRIBUTES: Close to car parking, densely packed sagebrush and many prickly items, rocky terrain, small children not encouraged.

DISTANCE: in the midst of car parking,  10 minute walk from northern festival area, 15 minute walk from Lake village, 20 minute walk from Eclipse stage.


Also on the northern side is the Eclipse Terrace.  This campground is wide open with firm ground, a low rock ratio, and very little vegetation.  The camping is wide open and right next to the Eclipse and Sun stages.    

ATTRIBUTES: Wide open camping, terraces for great panoramic views of the lake, festival and Anaho Island, close to and directly in line with Eclipse and Sun stages where many headliners will play, music will be loud

DISTANCE: 20 minute walk from car parking, 10 minute walk from food and main festival area, 15 minute walk from Lake village


The southern side has a much sandier soil, very little vegetation, and is home to Satya Yuga workshop stage, yoga, hula, and dance workshops, Kid-Biosis, ancestral arts area, the healing village, our central fire, and the village by the lake.

ATTRIBUTES: Soft sand/soil camping, less vegetation, quiet camping, prime lake viewing, close to workshops, children encouraged.

DISTANCE:  10 minute walk from car parking, 10 minutes uphill walk from food and main festival area, 15 minute walk from Eclipse stage.

Sunday May 20th, 2012
5:14PM - Start of eclipse
6:30PM - Maximum Eclipse
(lasting 4min 40sec)
7:36PM - End of eclipse